Monday, September 19, 2011

My First Children's Book Update

I finally received the first hardcover of my book, "Ball! Ball! Ball!."

Although this is my first copy, it’s not the actual first book. I sent out an online draft of my book to a couple family members for review before it was complete. My mom sent me back afew ideas for changes. My brother Mark, however, was so excited about the book that he directly ordered a copy. So now if my book ever gets famous, I’ll have to buy the first copy off my brother before he sells it on Ebay.

Shutterfly does a pretty good job of making a photo book. The photos are of nice quality and the color is great. My only criticism is that one of the pages ripped out of the book when I opened it up to far. Nevertheless, for only about 30 dollars, I have a book that I made that I can read to my son. Not a bad deal!

I still haven’t found a publisher, yet. I’ve been doing research on how to find a good publisher and how to market your book. There is so much information out there, that it will most likely take me a while to find the best route.

Thanks to my readers for all of your tips. They have been very helpful. I’ll keep you all updated on further progress. :)

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Jen Carter said...

Congratulations!! This is so exciting!! Good luck on finding a publisher!!